Anti-Vax QAnon Nutbags Protest In London [VIDEO]

The Guardian reports:

Thousands of anti-lockdown and anti-vax demonstrators marched through central London on Saturday. It was billed the “Freedom March” by protesters who assembled at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park from midday, some holding banners backing Donald Trump’s run for president in 2024, or supporting the far right conspiracy movement QAnon.

Many of those present estimated it was the biggest anti-lockdown event in the UK so far, although the Metropolitan Police did not confirm a figure. Some protesters appeared keen to share baseless conspiracy theories, one claiming that Covid vaccines were a deadly chemical weapon devised by the government to reduce the UK population.

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Tweets below are from anti-vax, QAnon, right wing nutbags. In the final clip below, which must be watched on YouTube, a woman instructs a rapt crowd on how demonic satanists are harvesting “adrenochrome” from children. The channel isn’t monetized so your views don’t earn them anything.