Anti-Vax Andrew Giuliani Defies NY Mask Mandate

The New York Daily News reports:

Despite opting against getting the coronavirus vaccine, Republican gubernatorial hopeful Andrew Giuliani keeps making campaign appearances in various indoor settings without a face mask on in violation of New York’s public health restrictions. Giuliani has posted photos of himself on Twitter appearing without a mask and shoulder-to-shoulder with staff indoors at a bagel shop, a diner and a pizzeria.

“I have not been vaccinated. I have the antibodies,” Giuliani said. “I understand people want to make a big deal that I haven’t gotten vaccinated and still attending events, but I have the antibodies.” Andrew Giuliani hasn’t only shown up maskless to eateries. In a campaign video released on May 25, Giuliani can be seen exiting the Times Square subway station without a face covering.

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