A QAnon Nutbag, An Insurrectionist, An Anti-Vaxxer, And A White Supremacist Introduce The “Fire Fauci Act”

Newsweek reports:

A group of U.S. House Republicans who have opposed mask mandates and shutdowns during the coronavirus pandemic called for the removal of Dr. Anthony Fauci on Tuesday, accusing him of advocating unnecessary measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

“Dr. Fauci was not elected by the American people—he was not supposed to guide our economy,” Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Georgia Republican, told reporters at the U.S. Capitol. “Yet Dr. Fauci very much controlled our lives for the past year.”

She added, “How do you feel about being part of this human experiment? That is what we have been over this past year.”

Read the full article. Among those onstage with Greene were insurrectionist Mo Brooks, white supremacist Paul Gosar, and anti-vaxxer Thomas Massie.