Alleged Ex-Gays Lobby Congress Against Equality Act

Via press release from Christian Newswire:

Whether it’s a ban on counseling choice, the elimination of a free market for faith-based organizations, or granting privileges to transgender women above biological women, Sexual Orientation Gender Identity (SOGI) legislation politicizes sexuality and reduces freedoms. Codifying LGBTQ identity as immutable through legislation denies that sexuality is fluid and will never resolve the confusion and fear that many LGBTQ identified people feel.

CHANGED has come to DC to appeal to Congress to focus on human dignity, not identity politics. We are Christians with LGBTQ in our past. Many, like us, have changed. We left LGBTQ because we wanted to. Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights affirms we have the right to live out what we believe. Fair treatment in America shouldn’t rest with one’s social identity, like LGBTQ or even religious beliefs, but with respect for the dignity of every person.

The group claims it will hold a press conference on Friday morning at the US Capitol.