Unearthed 2019 Video Shows QAnon Rep Stalking AOC Through Capitol With Man Who Later Took Part In Riot

CNN reports:

During a February 2019 visit to congressional offices at the US Capitol with associates who include a man who would later enter the Capitol during the January 6 insurrection, Greene — then a conservative activist — can be seen taunting Ocasio-Cortez’s staff outside the congresswoman’s locked office by talking through a mailbox slot urging her to come out.

In the video, from a since-deleted Facebook Live of Greene’s that was saved by CNN’s KFile, Greene tells Ocasio-Cortez to “get rid of your diaper,” referring to the congresswoman’s office as a “day care.” Greene repeatedly indicates throughout her stream that security has been called on them.

The video is from February 22, 2019 — the same day that Greene visited the Capitol and brought to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office a petition to impeach the California Democrat for treason, and suggested she should be executed or imprisoned for her “crimes.”

Read the full article. The clip is rather long, but skip around and you’ll see Greene joined by other cultists in MAGA hats as they abuse and intimidate staffers. Starting around the 10-minute mark, they begin talking into AOC’s mail slot.