Tomi Lahren Claims “Liberal Girl” Threw Eggs At Her

“Just this past weekend I had two incidents. I had a girl from the sixth floor of an apartment complex try to throw eggs at me. Of course, being a liberal, she’s not super athletic. So she missed me. But yes, she tried to throw eggs at me.

“Yesterday, I had a grown man with a cigarette in hand and a mask on his face telling me once again that I’m ‘Nazi Barbie’ and telling me that I dance on the graves of Native Americans.

“I mean, the left has become so emboldened now that where it used to be, for me, just people attacking me on social media, now they’re doing what Maxine Waters said.

“They’re getting more confrontational because they believe they have this free pass. And I’m concerned it’s only going to get worse, for all of us.” – Fox News host Tomi Lahren, speaking on Fox Across America.