Texas Poised To Limit History Lessons About Racism

The Texas Tribune reports:

The Texas House has given preliminary approval to legislation that takes aim at critical race theory and would limit what public school students can be taught about the United States’ history of subjugating people of color.

By a vote of 81-52, the House passed House Bill 3979 by Rep. Steve Toth [photo], early Tuesday morning, following about four hours of debate. The support in the chamber came over opposition from dozens of education, business and community groups.

The lower chamber will have to vote again before it can send the legislation to the Senate, which has already approved a similar proposal. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has been vocal about his support of the legislation.

Read the full article. In the clip below, Toth calls on Texans to vote for their “biblical values.” Toth last appeared on JMG when he filed an ultimately failed lawsuit to throw out the votes of 127,000 Houston-area residents in the 2020 general election.