Texas Bill Would Ban All Entities From Requiring Vaccine

The Texas Tribune reports:

State Sen. Bob Hall is not a doctor. Still, a Texas Senate committee considered a proposal from Hall that would ban any entity — public or private — from requiring their employees receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

“The mere fact that a person has not received a specific vaccine does not make them a threat to others’ health and safety,” he said. “In contrast, vaccines they have elected not to have may very well be a threat to their own health and safety.”

One doctor testified that immunity from the injection is less powerful than “natural immunity” granted from God, while Hall characterized one person who spoke during public testimony as “almost a vegetable as a result of the vaccine.”

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Hall first appeared on JMG in 2016 when he introduced a bill that would have overturned all local LGBT rights ordinances in Texas. We heard from him again last year when he refused to allow the “unnatural” Log Cabin Republicans to become an official affiliate of the state GOP. And in March of this year, Hall appeared here when he proposed allowing concealed carry in public schools.