Staver: Equality Act Legalizes Bestiality And Necrophilia

Via email from hate group leader Mat Staver:

The Equality Act was passed by a narrow margin in the House and is now LIVE in the Senate where we CAN stop it IF we voice opposition NOW!

First, the bill will require schools to accept abortion. Schools that offer health insurance for students must include abortion.

Second, the bill imposes LGBTQ into every corner of the school. This includes “Q” — which the bill says stands for “Queer” — and all of the nearly 550 paraphilias, including pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality and more. The list will literally make you sick.

IF the religious institutions refuse to change their doctrine and policies to accommodate the entire panorama of sexual deviance, they will be punished. The Equality Act REVOKES religious freedom exemptions and protections.

If schools refuse to hire a crossdresser, a pedophile or a goat lover, they will be penalized. I know this sounds absurd—but, sadly, it’s true.

We can stop this in the Senate if we all respond now! Fax Congress and sign the petition. The secret of faxing’s impact is that members of Congress may not turn off their fax machines. While they can hide, Congress cannot ignore you! Send your fax NOW.

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This is at least the fourth time that Mat Staver has claimed that the Equality Act legalizes pedophilia and now he’s expanding his outrageous lies to include bestiality and necrophilia.

As I’ve noted, the Equality Act is effectively dead in the US Senate thanks to GOP opposition and the filibuster, but Liberty Counsel continues to pump out “emergency” pleas for donations on a daily basis.