Red-Caped Catholic Loons Vs “Abomination” Kellogg’s

Via email from Tradition, Family, & Property:

The pro-homosexual agenda is rearing its ugly head in your children’s cereal, possibly at your local grocery store. Hitting some main chain grocery stores in May, Kellogg’s created a new, “Together with Pride” rainbow-colored, heart-shaped cereal.

The cereal will cost $3.99, and for every box purchased, Kellogg’s will be donating $3.00 to a pro-homosexual organization, GLAAD, if customers can prove they purchased the cereal. This is sickening and perverted. Leave our children alone!

The pro-homosexual agenda is using this as a means to normalize unnatural sin and a harmful lifestyle. Please sign here to protest this abomination and protect our children from being exposed to this perversion.

For those unaware, TFP advocates for a Vatican-based US government. According to a recent message from TFP, America can only be saved by returning to the “biblical rule” of the Crusades.