Politico: GOP Panicked Over Lin Wood’s SC Campaign

Politico reports:

Lin Wood played a starring role in Georgia’s GOP civil war after the 2020 elections. Now the pro-Trump lawyer is taking his roadshow to South Carolina, where he’s campaigning as a “chaos” candidate to lead the state Republican Party.

The outcome has out-sized implications because of South Carolina’s role in GOP presidential primaries — the state hosts the first primary in the South, and almost always votes for the eventual Republican nominee.

“We need some chaos in the Republican Party in South Carolina. Somebody needs to shake it up,” Wood said Tuesday in the city of Aiken to applause and laughter. “So here I am, Mr. Shaker.”

Read the full article. Last week Wood told his 840,000 Telegram followers that he searched the White House for Biden but instead found Trump “hard at work” at the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office.