Perkins: The Riot Commission Is Just “Political Theater” Meant To “Manipulate And Scare” The American People

Via email from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

Joe Biden’s Democrats aren’t interested in bipartisanship. So why would their January 6 “commission” be any different? This week, as the far-Left tries to turn the Capitol riots into a synonym for jihadist terrorism, Republicans want to know: what’s the point? Pursuing a 9/11-type probe would only politicize the tragedy even more.

Besides, there’s already a nationwide investigation into the events of that horrible day. It’s called law enforcement. To add another layer of expensive, partisan, government-sponsored fault-finding sounds like just another DNC fundraising gimmick. And the American people know it.

This is about political theater, plain and simple. It’s about creating a narrative, aided by the media, that all Republicans are dangerous extremists.

At least GOP leaders are pushing back and insisting that they won’t be a part of the Democratic charade. They refuse to be props in the Left’s play to scare the American people and manipulate our country.