NYT: Cultist Outfit Tried To Sting FBI Agents, Feds

The New York Times reports:

A network of conservative activists, aided by a British former spy, mounted a campaign during the Trump administration to discredit perceived enemies of President Trump inside the government, according to documents and people involved in the operations.

The campaign included a planned sting operation against Mr. Trump’s national security adviser at the time, H.R. McMaster, and secret surveillance operations against F.B.I. employees, aimed at exposing anti-Trump sentiment in the bureau’s ranks.

The operations against the F.B.I., run by the conservative group Project Veritas, were conducted from a large home in the Georgetown section of Washington that rented for $10,000 per month. Female undercover operatives arranged dates with the F.B.I. employees with the aim of secretly recording them making disparaging comments about Mr. Trump.

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Project Veritas last appeared on JMG in November 2020 when they presented a Pennsylvania mailman who claimed to have witnessed ballot fraud. The mailman later admitted he’d made the story up.

O’Keefe, as you may recall, has conducted multiple similar stunts, most of which went nowhere due to his group’s “comical incompetence” – as one article characterized them.

Last year he appeared on JMG when it was revealed that Erik Prince’s outfit had attempted to train Project Veritas staffers, but they were “too stupid to learn.”

In 2018, O’Keefe claimed that Trump had repeatedly asked him to break into Columbia University and steal Barack Obama’s student transcripts. In 2017, O’Keefe flamed out spectacularly when he attempted to sting the Washington Post with a fake Roy Moore accuser.

Also in 2017, O’Keefe was banned from soliciting donations in Florida due to his criminal record. Despite that, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas presented him with a right wing group’s “Impact Award” during a ceremony held that month at Trump’s DC hotel.

In 2010, O’Keefe and three collaborators pleaded guilty to breaking into the office of then-Sen. Mary Landrieu. O’Keefe was sentenced to three years of probation and 100 hours of community service.