NY, NJ, And CT To Lift Most Business Limits On May 19

The New York Times reports:

New York and its neighbors, New Jersey and Connecticut, will welcome back crowds on May 19, state officials said Monday, a major step for a region that was once a center of the coronavirus pandemic.

Restaurants, offices, retail stores, theaters, museums, barber shops, amusement parks and gyms and fitness centers will all be allowed to operate at full capacity for the first time since restrictions were adopted last year to prevent the spread of the virus.

Mr. Cuomo, in announcing the sweeping changes to pandemic restrictions, seemed to be trying to accelerate New York’s recovery and once again upstage his political rival, Mayor Bill de Blasio. Last week, the mayor had set a goal of July 1 for fully reopening the city.

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More from Politico:

At the start of the pandemic last year, the three governors were seemingly in lockstep, issuing joint statements to shut down restaurants and prohibit large gatherings after a handful of cases around a Westchester County synagogue quickly metastasized into an unprecedented health crisis.

Within weeks, as New York City and its surrounding suburbs emerged as the global epicenter, tents went up in Manhattan’s Central Park to back up the city’s overwhelmed hospital systems.

Refrigerated trucks were brought into the parking lots of northern New Jersey hospitals after morgues ran out of space. In Connecticut, commuter train cars, typically packed, glided empty into New York’s Grand Central station.