Newsmax Promotes Man’s Illegal Trump Flag Featuring QAnon Slogan And JFK Jr, Trump’s “New Vice President”

Last month I reported that a Minnesota man declared that he’s ready to go to jail over his massive and illegal Trump flag flying from a construction crane over his business.

Today Newsmax conducted a fawning interview after the man hoisted a new and even larger flag that features Trump’s name alongside his “new vice president” JFK Jr.

Oh, and the new flag includes a QAnon slogan.

An excerpt of the host’s introduction:

Just this weekend, he doubled down, put up an even bigger flag. This one is 40 by 60. It is 900 square feet bigger than his previous flag. So this thing’s like 3,600 square feet. It is huge. The size of the footprint of a house. He’s also flying it proudly in the small city of Buffalo, Minnesota, which is, I guess, is technically a blue state which makes it even funnier. Jay Johnson joins us now.