Netanyahu Rejects Biden’s Call For “De-Escalation”

The Insider reports:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday said that he’s “determined” to continue the offensive in Gaza, rebuffing President Joe Biden’s call for an immediate and significant “de-escalation” in the fighting.

Netanyahu said the operation will continue “until its aim is met.” The Israeli prime minister thanked the US for its support, but said the offensive will move forward in order “to return the calm and security to you, citizens of Israel.”

The Associated Press reports:

Netanyahu’s tough comments marked the first public rift between the two close allies since the fighting began last week and could complicate international efforts to reach a cease-fire.

Israel continued to pound targets in Gaza with airstrikes Wednesday, while Palestinian militants bombarded Israel with rocket fire throughout the day. In another sign of potential escalation, militants in Lebanon fired a barrage of rockets into northern Israel.