Michele Bachmann: The Capitol Riot Was A “Theatrical Event” Put On By Progressives To “Memory Hole” MAGA

“Jan. 6, we’re all told that that’s the worst day that ever happened, these were the worst riots in America. It absolutely wasn’t. It is my opinion that this was a theatrical event that the progressive left put on.

“The individuals who were the instigators, who brought this about, these were agitators brought in to create this problem. I believe it was specifically done to rebrand Donald Trump as being an insurrectionist and a leader of a terrorist movement.

“I also believe that this was done to rebrand the Make America Great agenda, those of us who supported Donald Trump and that agenda as evil and terrorists. That’s all a lie.

“In the last five months, you wouldn’t even know that Donald J. Trump was ever the president. You wouldn’t even know that those four years of his presidency existed.

“George Orwell wrote a book, ‘1984.’ He talked about a concept called the memory hole; if the government in charge didn’t want you to remember someone, they put them in the memory hole.

“Donald J. Trump has been put in a memory hole, Make America Great Again has been put in a memory hole.” – Former GOP rep and presidential candidate Michele Bachmann, speaking on a End Times webcast.