Major Polling Outfits Are Ignoring NYC’s Mayoral Race

The New York Times reports:

None of the three major public pollsters in the New York City region have done comprehensive surveys in the mayor’s race. And of those big three pollsters — Quinnipiac University Poll, Marist College Institute for Public Opinion and Siena College Research Institute — two have no intention of conducting any such polls before the June 22 Democratic primary.

At this point in 2013, the three pollsters had together put out more than a dozen independent horse-race polls on the Democratic primary.

This year, New York voters will have to continue to rely on polls from outfits with less of a New York track record, or on surveys released by parties with possibly ulterior motives, including mayoral campaigns and special interest groups.

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New Yorkers will be using ranked choice voting for the first time and there’s no also no solid data on how informed the electorate is on the system.

Photo above: Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams, a presumed front-runner along with Andrew Yang and city comptroller Scott Stringer.