Log Cabin Homocons Call On TN Gov To Veto Anti-Trans Bill In Op-Ed Laying Out Their Anti-LGBT “Bona Fides”

Tennessee’s legislature has passed an anti-trans bathroom bill and in a Tennessean op-ed ostensibly calling on Gov. Bill Lee to veto the item, the local Log Cabin Republicans chapter first lays out their anti-LGBT “bona fides” in order to convince right wingers that they’re all on the same side.

An excerpt:

LGBT leftists tend to hate us because we put our principles first. We believe in religious liberty, free speech, God-given human dignity, limited government, and economic opportunity.

For that reason we frequently oppose radical gender theory and leftist policies like the Equality Act. We support a nuanced, science-based approach to transgender policy issues.

We recently spoke out in support of the legislature’s initiative to keep youth sports organized according to biological sex — we find the effort to let biological males play girls’ sports anti-science and offensive.

As a result of stances like these, LGBT leftists regularly picket us, ban us, destroy our property, and call us ugly names. (Uncle Toms, traitors, self-loathing, anti-gay, anti-trans, and “ciswhite fascists” to name a few.)

Tennessee’s bill requires trans-friendly businesses to post signs at their doors notifying customers that trans people might be in their bathroom.

The Log Cabin op-ed argues that this is wrong because it “shames” and “bullies” private businesses.

The op-ed does point out the illogic of forcing people who look like Caitlyn Jenner into a men’s restroom.

Read the full piece.

PHOTO: Screenshot of Tennessee Log Cabin chair Joshua Herr, speaking in support of Trump’s policies from his booth at the 2018 Los Angeles Pride festival.