Kraken Lawyer Loses Bid For SC GOP Party Chair

Politico reports:

Pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood’s bid to bring “chaos” to South Carolina’s GOP was halted on Saturday when he failed to unseat the party’s chairman after baselessly accusing the incumbent of voter fraud and a host of other slurs.

Chairman Drew McKissick’s reelection was not in doubt among knowledgeable Republicans who say the party delegate rules favor longtime insiders.

Wood, an accomplished trial lawyer from Georgia who turned into a conspiracy theorist, moved this year from Georgia and mounted an unexpectedly strong candidacy for a complete outsider.

Read the full article. Earlier this week Wood told supporters that Trump is still president and can still authorize a nuclear strike. Last month he claimed to have wandered the White House looking for Joe Biden only to find Trump “hard at work” at the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office.