TMZ: Jenner Opposes Trans Girls Playing Female Sports

TMZ reports:

We got the California gubernatorial hopeful Saturday in Malibu, and she weighed in on her first big political issue as she takes center stage in her run for Gavin Newsom’s job — telling TMZ she doesn’t support trans girls born as boys participating in all-female school sports.

Yeah, we know … it’s a pretty interesting stance — especially coming from Caitlyn … who of course, is a trans woman herself AND a former Olympic champion. But, check out her rationale … she chalks it up to fairness and protecting the integrity of girls’ sports.

Politico reports:

Caitlyn Jenner launched her gubernatorial campaign a week ago with a media splash that teased the audacious promise of shaking up state politics — and delivering big trouble to California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Since then, it’s been crickets. The reality TV star and transgender activist hasn’t made a single TV appearance. She hasn’t held a press conference or social media event.

No rollout of key Republican endorsements. She doesn’t have an issues page on her website, but offers ways to “donate” and buy “Caitlyn for California” merchandise.

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