Japan Won’t Honor Olympic Charter On LGBT Rights

The Guardian reports:

Japan’s ruling party has been accused of violating the Olympic charter after it failed to approve a bill to protect the rights of the LGBT community, during discussions marred by homophobic outbursts from conservative MPs.

Closed meetings held this month to discuss a bill, proposed by opposition parties, stating that discrimination against LGBT people “must not be tolerated” ended without agreement after some Liberal Democratic party (LDP) MPs said the rights of sexual minorities had “gone too far”.

A decision on a rival LDP proposal that calls on the government to “promote understanding” of LGBT people was postponed, according to Japanese media accounts of the meetings.

Human Rights Watch reports:

At a meeting a few weeks ago, Koji Shigeuchi, adviser to the LDP’s committee to study sexual orientation and gender identity, expressed falsehoods and prejudices about transgender people.

In a speech titled “The LGBT issue is getting out of control,” he told his audience of policymakers that protecting LGBT people from discrimination and recognizing gender identity would mean people could say they were “a man today, and a woman tomorrow.”

He falsely said that trans women posed a threat to cisgender women and directly told a trans woman elected official in the audience: “There is no need for you to have your hormone therapy covered by insurance because you are healthy. You should live with the body you were born with.”

Newsweek reports:

Japanese lawmaker Kazuo Yana of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) has said that LGBT rights go against the preservation of species amid record-low birth rates in the East Asian country.

During a party meeting on Thursday local time, Yana, 42, a third-term member of the Japanese House of Representatives, reportedly told members that LGBT people run counter to the basis of biology, according to Japan Times.

Participants of the meeting quoted Yana as saying that his remarks aren’t meant to discriminate against LGBT people but same sex relationships “resist the preservation of the species.”

Photo: Japanese PM and LDP leader Yoshihide Suga.