Internet Buzzes Over Odd Photo Of Bidens And Carters

The Washington Post reports:

On first glance, the photograph seems typical enough. President Biden and first lady Jill Biden kneel beside their predecessors in the White House, Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, during a trip to Georgia last week.

But look closer at the image — a snapshot of two Democratic leaders with a decades-long alliance — and something appears to be terribly off: Both Bidens tower over the Carters and the rest of the scene, as if they had been transported into a dollhouse.

After the image was shared late on Monday by the Carter Center, puzzled observers fired off a succession of both joking and serious questions: Were the Carters tiny, or were the Bidens giants? Was the image taken on the set of “The Hobbit?” Are our eyes merely playing tricks on us?

Read the full article. At the link, you’ll find an explanation of how the use of a wide-angle lens in a small space may have created the unusual perspective.