How Anti-Vaxxers Are Raking In Millions During COVID

The Associated Press reports:

“You’re going to love owning the platinum package,” Charlene Bollinger tells viewers, as a picture of a DVD set, booklets and other products flashes on screen. Her husband, Ty, promises a “director’s cut edition,” and over 100 minutes of additional footage.

Click the orange button, his wife says, “to join in the fight for health freedom” — or more specifically, to pay $199 to $499 for the Bollingers’ video series, “The Truth About Vaccines 2020.”

The Bollingers are part of an ecosystem of for-profit companies, nonprofit groups, YouTube channels and other social media accounts that stoke fear and distrust of COVID-19 vaccines, resorting to what medical experts say is often misleading and false information.

Read the full article. It’s really something. Reportedly profiting from the scheme are anti-vaxxer Robert Kennedy and Roger Stone, among other nutbags. The Bollingers have an active YouTube channel. According to the AP, they’re closely aligned with MAGA and Christianist cults. Because of course.