Homocon DC Riot Suspect: “Swirling Energy Literally Knocked Me Off My Feet” When I Realized I Love Trump

Via email from riot suspect Brandon Straka:

The evening I was on Tucker Carlson the first time I was in my bedroom getting ready. My mind began flashing images of my past, a barrage of memories of the hardest times in my life- some of the moments so colossally devastating that it would seem impossible that somebody would keep going on and find their way to a moment such as this.

I began to feel an energy swirling around my body in a circle, and it literally knocked me off my feet. I fell against my bed and I felt a voice say to firmly to me, “Do you get it now?” My eyes filled with tears, and I actually responded to this palpable voice out loud. I said, “Yes… I get it now.”

I believe in my heart that my entire life leading up until the launch of #WalkAway was a test. Could I overcome the tragedies, defeats, disappointments, attacks, and cruelties of life and still maintain a heart that wants to love, a mind that yearns for truth, a body that longs to work, a sense of humor that refuses to die, and a spirit that refuses to be broken?

Yes, I could. And I have. And no matter what, I will continue to do so. I will never, EVER be broken by the hatred, attacks, threats, and cruelty of others. I will continue to walk tall and work hard. I will never quit.

Continue to pray, continue to send me your emails, and keep the fire alive inside of you. We have so many amazing things to do together. It won’t be long. We’re getting there!

As usual, his email closes with a plea to “send checks” to a rented mailbox in Spanish Harlem, even though a “legal defense” crowdfund drive has raised over $178,000.