Hate Group That Hired Molester Josh Duggar Calls For Canceling Kellogg’s For Helping GLAAD “Recruit” Kids

Via email from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

Kellogg’s hasn’t been sugar-coating its agenda for years. But its latest venture — a “create-your-own-pronoun” cereal for kids — is bowling over parents.

“Boxes are for cereal, not people,” the company insists about its new Together with Pride rainbow edition that donates $3 from every box to an extreme LGBT group, GLAAD, who’s out to recruit and confuse your children.

Of course, anyone who’s been online or walked the aisles of a grocery store knows that some companies will do anything to pander to the radical Left. But this June, these brands are on a collision course with a group of fired-up American shoppers who might just eat them for breakfast.

Everyone from Coca-Cola to Major League Baseball could have told Kellogg’s it was a bad idea. After speaking out against Georgia’s election reforms, the fixture in American soda has taken a major hit — not just in profits, but in PR.

Thirty-seven percent of Americans (myself included) say they’re less likely to buy Coke products now, leading several CEOs to wonder: go woke, go broke? And yet, misguided businesses from Lego to Disney and Mars and Nestle continue to poke the bear with in-your-face campaigns that target kids with their radical brands of extremism.

To contact Kellogg’s and complain, email them here or Tweet them @KelloggsUS. For a list of their family of brands, click over to their website, so that you aren’t unknowingly contributing to their mass deception of our young people.