GOP Newsom Challenger Who Campaigns With Live Bear Complains Media Coverage Is All About The Bear

Sacramento’s ABC News affiliate reports:

John Cox’s running mate, so to speak, in the likely recall election of Gov. Gavin Newsom sure is getting him a lot of attention. Bringing a 1,000-pound bear on a political tour of California is also unsurprisingly getting him a lot of criticism.

Darren Minier, assistant director of animal care at the Oakland Zoo, called the stunt exploitative and even dangerous. “We don’t see this as often as we used to a few decades ago,” said Minier. “The main reason is because of how unsafe it is.”

“Truthfully with a bear that’s scared, a hot wire is not really going to stop it,” said Minier, referring to the electrically charged wire penning in the bear. “If the hot wire is strong enough to actually stop the bear, it’s a danger (for people) to be around.”

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