Georgia Bar Probes Report Kraken Lawyer Believes Prophecy That He’ll Be Named SCOTUS Chief Justice

Vice News reports:

Last month Lin Wood sued the State Bar of Georgia’s disciplinary board, claiming its request for him to undergo a mental health exam in order to keep his law license violated his First Amendment rights. Turns out that might not’ve been the QAnon-promoting lawyer’s smartest move.

Besides Wood’s spreading of baseless conspiracy theories about the election, the State Bar of Georgia’s disciplinary board says it’s also investigating his physical and verbal attacks on former law colleagues, his claim that he was going to become Chief Justice of the Supreme Court based on a prophecy that he heard on YouTube, and claims that he seems to believe he is God.

Read the full article. There’s a shit-ton of crazy within. Last week Wood posted a claim to his 850,000 Telegram followers that he’d scoured the White House in search of Biden but instead found Trump working at the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office. Wood is running for chairman of the South Carolina GOP and reportedly has a chance of winning.