Gaetz Claims Money For Yacht Purchase “Went Missing”

Tampa’s NBC News affiliate reports:

Congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida has sailed into a new controversy, claiming money wired to close the sale on a St. Petersburg yacht his fiancée had agreed to buy “went missing.”

According to a spokesperson for the Republican, he and his fiancée Ginger Luckey were “targeted by malicious actors” during the purchase process of a St. Petersburg yacht. Follow-up questions about the transaction and clarification of the statement have not been answered.

The statement goes on to say “federal law enforcement is both aware of and actively pursuing” the alleged crime, but there is no mention of which agency is investigating or how much money is missing.

Read the full article. The yacht was originally named “Ol Pappy” but a paint job since Gaetz made the deal now shows its name as “Thirsty.” Ahem.