Four NYers Charged In DC Riot After Tips From Public

Buffalo’s NBC News affiliate reports:

Four more people from New York have been arrested in connection with the US Capitol riot that took place in January. According to investigators, they received an anonymous tip that Traci J. Sunstrum was observed in a Facebook Live video inside the US Capitol.

The FBI says they received numerous tips from the public that John “Jack” Juran was allegedly involved in riots at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. FBI investigators used a NYS DMV photo of Juran to identify him in surveillance videos from the US Capitol.

William Michael Sywak told investigators that he and his son William Jason Sywak traveled to Washington DC, but did not enter the US Capitol building. FBI agents were able to determine that a phone traced to inside the US Capitol during the riot, belonged to William Michael Sywak.

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