Florida Investigates Kraken Lawyer’s Lawsuits Fund

From Grant Stern’s Substack newsletter:

Investigators for the state of Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) have an active investigation into Defending The Republic and defendingtherepublic.org, which is both a website and the center of a nebulous cluster of companies run by attorney Sidney Powell.

Public records reveal an ongoing “Administrative Complaint” tied to Powell against Defending The Republic PAC, Inc. and ‘Defending The Republic’, a Florida entity or a Texas for-profit company associated with the former Trump lawyer.

She started promoting it on the Rush Limbaugh Show two weeks after the election. Nobody knows how much money she raised to file election challenges or how much she has spent, but reasonable estimates are in the millions of dollars donated.

Read the full report. Last week the Washington Post reported that Dominion has accused Powell on misusing her “election defense” fund to benefit herself. According to the above-linked report, the outfit is registered to a rented UPS mailbox in a Florida strip mall.