FBI Collars “Most Wanted” Capitol Riot Suspect In FL

Click Orlando reports:

A 10 count indictment accuses a man arrested in Orlando of assaulting a Capitol police officer during the insurrection in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6. Jonathan Munafo appeared at the federal courthouse in downtown Orlando this morning prepared for a preliminary hearing to learn what allegations the government was making against him.

Instead, a federal judge told Munafo a federal grand jury had handed down the indictment, which made the hearing unnecessary. In video, a man whom investigators identified as Munafo is seen punching a Capitol police officer in the head and body twice, pulling away the officer’s riot shield and passing it to others in the crowd behind him.

Read the full article. In photos obtained by the FBI, Munafo is reportedly seen using a Gadsden flag to shatter a Capitol window. According to the linked article, he was identified to the feds by a friend and faces up to 68 years in federal prison. In an earlier report, Click Orlando notes that Munafo reportedly called 911 over 100 times on the day before the riot and made threats against the operator.