Ex-CEO Wins Virginia GOP Gubernatorial Nomination

The New York Times reports:

Glenn Youngkin, a wealthy first-time candidate who walked a line between his party’s Trump-centric base and appeals to business interests, won the Republican nomination for governor of Virginia on Monday. At the recent candidates’ forum, Mr. Youngkin aligned himself with Mr. Trump’s lies about a rigged 2020 election, declaring “voter integrity” a top issue and referring to Dominion voting machines — the subject of conspiracy theories on the far right — as “the most important issue” of the campaign.

The Richmond Dispatch reports:

Youngkin prevailed in what became a close match-up against entrepreneur Pete Snyder and Sen. Amanda Chase of Chesterfield. Youngkin used his financial power to prevail. He spent 25 years at The Carlyle Group, which is based in Washington and has more than $200 billion in assets. Youngkin retired in July to pursue “public service activities.” His compensation package approached $17 million and his net worth is estimated at $200 million.

Amanda Chase, a far-right cultist who calls herself “Trump in heels,” has vowed to demand an audit of the vote.