Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy To Seek Ninth Term

Politico reports:

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), who has served since 1975 and is in the line of presidential succession, is asking colleagues to support his potential campaign for a ninth term, according to Democratic senators who have spoken to him. The 81-year-old has also indicated to them that he believes he’s “the only Democrat that can win the seat,” said a person briefed on the conversations. If reelected, Leahy could take the record for Senate longevity in a chamber famous for its octogenarians.

Read the full article. At 45 years since first being elected, Leahy is currently the 5th-longest serving US Senator. Leading that list are Robert Bryd (51), Daniel Inouye (49), Strom Thurmond (47), and Ted Kennedy (46).