Covidiots Rage About Monkey Kidneys, Spermicide, And Communism At Nevada School Board Meeting [VIDEO]

The Carson Now reports:

During the Carson City School Board meeting on Tuesday evening, a number of citizens took over the public comment period to voice their opposition to students wearing face masks for the remainder of the school year. Many public commenters discussed popular pieces of misinformation, such as the disproven idea that the COVID-19 vaccine alters DNA, or that there is no scientific evidence supporting that masks work and that the masks are “killing children.”

One man stated that all of the school board members should be fired because the vaccine contains aborted fetal cells, monkey kidney cells, E-Coli, animal parts, spermicide, and more, and that every one who gets the vaccine will be dead within two years. One woman, who stated she was worried about “world control,” played a recording of herself speaking along with piano music, with what appeared to be her praying for America to “not fall to socialism and communism.”

Read the full article. The clip is cued up.