CHATTER AWAY: Overnight Open Thread

The Hollywood Reporter reports:

The Daily Mail is telling a New York federal judge not to give Mike Lindell a chance to amend his defamation suit over a story that claimed the MyPillow CEO secretly dated actress Jane Krakowski.

“Plaintiff takes the new position that statements describing a consensual romantic relationship imply that he is a ‘hypocrite,’ based on the apparent theory that dating or gifting champagne is somehow inconsistent with ‘Christian’ or ‘conservative’ values,” writes lawyer Kelli Sager in the filing.

Further, Daily Mail contends that — even if these statements were defamatory — there’s no way the statements caused further harm to Lindell’s reputation after he had already received “widespread, negative publicity that includes his advocacy of fake COVID-19 ‘cures,’ false theories about election fraud, and support of martial law.”

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