California Investigates Tesla Over Self-Driving Claims

Car & Driver reports:

We’ve said it before, and we’ll keep saying it for a while: there are no full self-driving cars available for sale today. Completely autonomous vehicles remain a technology from the future. Auto companies that try to promote their driver-assistance features as “full self driving” could run afoul of regulators. See also: Tesla.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles confirmed this week that it is reviewing Tesla’s claims for its “full self-driving” option. Although FSD isn’t widely available today, it’s been available for pre-purchase for a couple years now.

It’s currently priced at $10,000 and available on every Tesla. The DMV did not provide any more details about the review, but if the DMV finds Tesla’s communications to be misleading, then it could suspend or revoke the company’s autonomous driving testing permits.

Read the full article. Fatal Tesla crashes and self-driving stunts by douchebag Tesla owners have earned national headlines in recent weeks.