CA Gov Candidate Hasn’t Paid Bills From Failed 2018 Bid

The Los Angeles Times reports:

Multimillionaire recall candidate John Cox’s prior gubernatorial campaign has been ordered by a judge to pay about $100,000 to a political consulting firm that produced television ads for his unsuccessful 2018 race — one of a string of unpaid bills detailed in a lawsuit and campaign filings. Cox’s campaign has refused to pay, leading to a “debtor’s examination” hearing next month in San Diego over the financial status of that campaign committee, according to court records.

“California needs to know the real story about John Cox. To be honest with you, he’s not who he says he is,” said Jim Innocenzi, the founding partner of Sandler-Innocenzi, the Virginia-based GOP firm. “Who stiffs working people and puts the money in his own pocket?” Innocenzi said. “That’s not the kind of guy you want as governor.” Wealthy candidates refusing to pay consultants after a loss has happened before.

Read the full article. Cox first appeared on JMG when he launched his campaign tour with a 1000-pound live bear, later complaining that the bear got all the headlines.