Biden Backs Ceasefire In Israel But Attacks Continue

NBC News reports:

Dozens of Israeli jets launched more than 100 missiles into the Gaza Strip overnight as the violence entered its second week and hours after President Joe Biden said he would support a ceasefire in the conflict. The Israeli military said that the 110 guided missiles launched from 62 fighter jets had targeted the “metro,” a network of tunnels used by Hamas, the militant group that governs Gaza.

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The Associated Press reports:

President Joe Biden expressed support for a cease-fire between Israel and Gaza’s militant Hamas rulers in a call to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday, but stopped short of demanding an immediate stop to the eight days of Israeli airstrikes and Hamas rocket barrages.

Biden’s carefully worded statement, in a White House readout of his second known call to Netanyahu in three days as the attacks pounded on, came with the administration under pressure to respond more forcefully despite its determination to wrench the U.S. foreign policy focus away from Middle East conflicts.