AZ Senate Leader Defends OAN In Bonkers Interview

Media Matters has the transcript:

KYUNG LAH (CORRESPONDENT): What the facts are, may be the disconnect. Fann defends the pro-Donald Trump media organization, One American News network, or OAN, as being the only outlet given extensive access to the review.

KAREN FANN: First of all, when we talk about transparency, from day one, the entire process has been live streaming. So, anybody —

LAH: On OAN. With cameras controlled by OAN.

FANN: Are you saying that OAN is not a credible news — news source? Are you saying that?

LAH: Yes.

FANN: Okay. I’ll remember that. CNN is saying that OAN is not a credible one.

LAH: Yes.

FANN: Okay, very good.

Watch the clip.