Anti-Vaccine Denver Deputy Dies Of COVID At Age 33

Newsweek reports:

A sheriff’s deputy in Denver, Colorado, who shared anti-vaccine content on Facebook has died of COVID. Daniel “Duke” Trujillo, 33, died on Wednesday evening from COVID complications, the Denver Sheriff Department said on Thursday. Trujillo was a former Marine who served as a deputy sheriff for 7 years and had recently been appointed vice-president of the Denver Sheriff Latino Organization.

Trujillo had previously shared social media content that appeared to reject the COVID vaccine. A Facebook profile photo updated in early May said “I have an immune system,” a common refrain among those eschewing pandemic-era precautionary measures.  The last post on an Instagram account that appears to have belonged to Trujillo said “Before you shame me in public for not having a mask, ask yourself one simple question. Will this mask stop an uppercut?”

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