WI: The Kraken’s Motion On Sanctions Is Sanctionable

Law & Crime reports:

Lawyers representing Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers (D) on Wednesday said that a motion submitted by attorneys Sidney Powell, Howard Kleinhendler, Michael D. Dean, and Daniel J. Eastman was so improper that the filing merits its own sanctions. The motion in question was filed on behalf of a local GOP official seeking to avoid reimbursing the state for attorney’s fees incurred through a frivolous post-election lawsuit.

“As legal authority supporting his so-called motion to strike, Plaintiff cites only Civil Local Rule 7(a), which provides that ‘[e]very motion must state the statute or rule pursuant to which it is made,” the Evers motion argued. “Relying solely on this rule as the basis for a motion seeking relief is nonsensical. By doing just that, Plaintiff has contravened the Rule’s directive. This failure is itself sanctionable by this Court.”

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