White Nationalists Join Forces With Anti-Vax Nutbags

Salon reports:

Young white nationalist leader Nicholas Fuentes and his “groyper army” have joined forces with the coronavirus anti-vaccine community, falsely claiming that COVID-19 vaccines were equivalent to “gene therapy” and attempting to frighten his youthful, largely male audience into believing the government will “own” you if you get the shot.

In December, Fuentes said during a live stream that he would be willing to take up arms to ward off being injected with a COVID vaccine, Salon discovered.

Fuentes, who first gained prominence as a leading figure at the notorious 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, leads an “army” of college-aged young men who believe America should become an all-white or white-dominated “ethnostate.”

Read the full article. As you may recall, GOP Rep. Paul Gosar spoke at a Fuentes event during CPAC.