Venmo Notations In Gaetz Case: “Ass” And “Salad”

The Daily Beast reports:

In the Venmo transactions reviewed by The Daily Beast, there are at least 16 payments in 2017 totaling nearly $5,000 to a woman who would later go on to date Matt Gaetz. Additionally, Greenberg paid her $1,500 over the course of two days in April 2017 using Cash App. That woman—who came to Washington, D.C. as an intern in January 2018—has said she dated Gaetz during and after her senior year in college.

An examination of Greenberg’s Venmo transactions shows dozens of suspicious and curiously titled payments. Some were as simple as “Ass” or a lipstick kiss mark (“💋”). Others were more opaque, such as “Stuff” and “Orher stuff” [sic]. Three payments in the reviewed documents—in amounts of $500, $500, and $250—were designated for “Ice cream.” Five other payments were for “Salad,” one of which topped $1,000.

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