Tony Perkins: Biden’s First 100 Days Have “Felt Like An Eternity” Because He’s Undoing All Of Trump’s Progress

Via email from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

Joe Biden hasn’t even been president for 100 days, and it already feels like an eternity. In just three months, the man absurdly dubbed a “moderate” has emerged from his campaign basement and dispelled that notion — to the delight of the party’s radicals. He has embraced the far-Left’s all-out war on every pillar of democracy. He’s exceeded expectations to be sure — just not in the way most voters had hoped.

Of course, some of Biden’s most devastating decisions in these early days have been rolling back — or completely annihilating — Donald Trump’s progress on key issues. Of the 62 executive actions Biden has taken so far, a record-setting number — 32 — were a direct attack on life, family, and religious freedom. Add that to his cabinet, stocked full of pro-abortion, anti-faith extremists, and this administration is on track to make Barack Obama’s administration look centrist!

Womp womp.