Texas Supreme Court Voids Contempt Order For Lockdown Defying “Dallas Karen” Hair Salon Owner

The Texas Tribune reports:

Months before COVID-19 cases surged to record highs last year, Shelley Luther was fighting to keep her Dallas salon open despite safety guidelines. She had torn up a cease-and-desist order from Dallas County, and soon was fined $7,000 and sentenced to seven days in jail.

Almost a year later, the Texas Supreme Court concluded Friday morning that the county’s order was too vague to enforce, and voided the order holding her in contempt of court. Luther’s case had captured nationwide attention as top Republicans in the state worked to petition against the county’s order

Read the full article. As you may recall, the entire stunt had been staged by an anti-lockdown group. Luther, who had taken $18,000 in bailout money, got another $500,000 in crowdfunding donations. She was visited by Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin, appeared on The View, and even launched a run for the state senate, losing by 13 points. The group behind the stunt had set up her donations page in advance of her reopening the salon.