SCOTUS Boots “Moot” Case On Trump’s Twitter Blocks

The Washington Examiner reports:

The Supreme Court on Monday dismissed a case challenging former President Donald Trump for blocking people on Twitter.

The case is one of the last Trump-era lawsuits to be tossed after the president left office. The court earlier this year declined a case alleging that Trump had violated the obscure emoluments clause of the Constitution through his dealing at the Washington, D.C. Trump Hotel.

Justice Clarence Thomas in a concurring opinion wrote that given the fact that Trump is no longer in office and banned from Twitter, the court made the right decision to drop the case. Still, he added, the case raised important questions about the control of free speech on digital platforms.

Read the full article. As some of you know, Trump (or more likely, his digital director Dan Scavino) blocked me on Twitter in August 2017.