Red-Caped Catholic Loons: America Should Return To The “Ideal Christian Society” Found In The Middle Ages

Just in from the red-caped Catholic loons:

Secularists are creating a society devoid of God and morals. Is there a defense against this? Yes. When men live in a society without a higher purpose, without honor and God, all things are bleak and empty. Contrast this with life in Christian Europe in the Middle Ages. People then were enthusiastic to fight for God. This is so true, that even hated rivals put aside differences to defend their nation.

While it’s easy to talk about how an ideal society should be, it is most helpful to see how Christian Civilization actually was: in this case, the Middle Ages. The Middle Ages Portal helps to show how society was once ordered towards God and His law. You will also see explained some of the dangerous pitfalls that caused this glorious order to degenerate over time and lead to the chaos we now experience. CLICK HERE to enter the Medieval Portal.

When you click to enter the Medieval Portal, below is a sample of what you’ll see. Tradition, Family, Property (their real name), has affiliates in many countries. In the US, their most recent filing shows an annual revenue of over $12 million. Tax free. TFP is an annual sponsor of CPAC.