Prophet: Trump’s Signature Is On The Latest Stimulus Checks [It Isn’t], Which Proves He’s Still Our President

“I will tell you, behind the scenes, he is who still carries power in this nation. It outta be answered this week alone by the fact that our stimulus checks, the stimulus checks of $1400 for every person in America, they’re signed by Donald J. Trump, not Joe Biden.” – Self-proclaimed prophet Johnny Enlow, speaking on an evangelical podcast.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Johnny Enlow says the jersey number of a player who made an interception in the Super Bowl is God’s promise that Trump will displace Biden. Johnny Enlow says that in heaven, Trump is recognized as the primary government leader on planet Earth. Johnny Enlow reveals that the final score of the 2021 college football championship contains a hidden message from God that Trump will remain president. Johnny Enlow declares that Trump is only dragging out the Biden transition in order to gain evidence against Democrats he plans to execute.