Prophet: The Church Has “Turned Effeminate” But Jesus Was A Butch Stud, Therefore My Ushers Will Kill You

“The church, we are so neutered. We are. We are so neutered. We are so effeminate. Jesus wasn’t a wimp,. He was a tough guy. He was a man. OK? He was a man.

“When they were selling in his father’s house, he went and he braided a whip. Now, that takes time. He’s braiding a whip, and he’s like, ‘I’m coming for you, coming for you.’ 

“He was very deliberate, and he was mad. He’s a man. He whipped them. Sorry. Just whipped them. ‘Oh, Jesus wouldn’t do that.’ The heck he wouldn’t.

“He was a man. But the church – the ekklesia, the government of God – has been so neutered and so turned effeminate, almost homosexual. I’m just telling you straight up.

“It’s just ridiculous. Where are the men? Where’s the maleness? Where is the ‘I will defend the children, I will protect the family’?

“My ushers at my church, they all pack. I mean, they all pack. You come to my place, and you think about starting something, you’re dead. They’ll kill you.” – Self-proclaimed prophet Jeff Jansen.

Jansen previously appeared on JMG when he declared that “Trump’s military” is secretly running the government and that Biden will be ousted from office this month. Unless it’s next month